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Having 40 plus years of key relationships we can analyze specific products for our market and achieve successful market penetration at the correct locations with the correct clients in the best sequence. We understand timing for new companies, re positioning for heritage companies and how to re brand, re position and achieve mutually agreed success.

Zuma Design
Zuma Design

Zuma Collection offers whirlpool, air bath and soaking tubs with impressive designs, styles and size production. Zuma Collection products are only available to a select number of dealers. Zuma baths have strict shipment territory limits so please buy locally. Visit for more information. Once installed correctly, a Zuma Collection design will give you a lifetime of pleasure. Make your improvement special. Make your choice Zuma.

Installation Guide

All Zuma products are pre-leveled for quick and perfect installation. Whirlpool baths include generic installation as assistance, however qualified installers should have "No Problem" with installation.

Warranty Procedures

For warranty, contact Zuma Collection at Warranty is limited to manufacturer defects. Like ALL products, it is best to inspect ALL freight prior to truck departure. If there is damage, note damage on freight bill.

Our warranty does NOT include damage from transportation. All products are tested 100% and have a documented paper trail from the inspector.


Zuma Collection
Zuma Collection

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