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An Innovative success focused Manufacturer's marketing agency. Proven success through strategic and well thought action with extreme work effort. We work smart and we work a lot.

Having 30 plus years of key relationships we can analyze specific products for our market and achieve successful market sales and locations. We understand timing for new companies, re positioning for heritage companies and how to re brand, re position and achieve mutually agreed success.


Turn your dead inventory into CASH.

 SELL/BUY part of our site. We will broker the sell of you NEW inventory or un used sellable displays  to dealers ONLY. This is a DEALER to DEALER ONLY sell site. We will NEVER sell to a consumer. ALL sales will have to be with a credit card for tracking and quick payment.

Delivery will be FREE for small items like faucets, accessories (Items that fit in my car) and a flat $50.00 for larger truck delivery. This is for San Francisco Bay Area ONLY (Santa Rosa to Monterey, east to Livermore and west to the Pacific Ocean).




All Sellers and Buyers each pay 5% plus credit card fees. (This is out of the box thinking and action). We are trying to help you clean out the dead items and give a new dealer a deal to sell. Since you there are so many competitors all sales will be confidential except that everyone will know me.

My intent is to free up dead dollars to buy new displays. To free up storage space that costs you every month and to sell while items have value so you do not end up taking to the dump.

Remember, One person's trash is another person's treasure.

Why NOT Try this as there is NO cost to list and item and your information is 100% Confidential. Only I know who is who and Reverend Ramos has and will keep confessions private.

Nobody Ever Regretted Owning the Best.

Well, so far the times are better. There are more people in more showrooms and they are starting to buy more than a year ago. They are buying more than 3 years past and they are spending more for more extensive remodel. The dam has backed up and the split way is creating some business. Let us hope this is the beginning of something great. This was a great week. I have placed more displays than in 3 years. Money is still tight but there is a return to quality. It seems that after a few years of buying Cheap products customers are returning to better value. To products built to retain their beauty and function for many more years. Why buy every couple of years when you can buy once.

"Nobody ever regretted owning the best."

Is the New Economy like the old but better or worse?

Wow, Election years are great. One side can not let us know how the economy is horrible while the other tells use how great it is.This is like good, bad, or ugly. How you view this economy is how you experience your own economy.If you are making enough to do well than it is a great economy. If it is a struggle than not so good.

This sort of reminds me of the glass is half full or empty of life. Keep the glass half full regardless of reality and life will always seem better. Like a smile, even if not deeply felt it will make you feel better as it releases the powerful endorphins which will then make you feel better and smile for real. So Smile and maybe, just maybe your economy will get better.

Catalano Comes Out on their Own.

Hastings has for many years sold Catalano China from Italy as their exclusive high end china product. They are on their own now and Catalano USA has choosen Thomas Ramos & Company to be their representatives. We will be selictive but will allow great companies to participate with Catalano. Some of the most creative and decorative product in the world today Catalano is "State of the Art" manufacturing. With their high pressure injection cermanic cast they can consistanetly produce perfect china. Modern with quality of Europe's very best is what you will find with our products.

Catalano starts with a 190 page catalog and will add more soon. Call us for a complete presentation.

New Year New Product

Hello 2012; This new year shall see us grow again. After a few tough years it is time to break out and rock again. There should be a new line to launch and we have had great times with our first year with Blu Bathworks. Colonial Bronze and Americh are some great American made products adding to Water Decor as a products that bring home "Made in the USA" to reality. Buy more of these and rebuild this economy. Amba, Blu ,Valsan, Herbeau,Terra Acqua and Inox are great examples of "high end" import products. Aptations,Centurt Bathworks Amba and Valsan and Herbeau Creations and Inox now being American owned. Blu is North American owned as they are from Canada. From Germany we have Quartz by ACO, And Keuco.

We are a fully rounded company. WIth room for one more.

ADA verses Aging in Place.

Well, This weekend I was able to attend a professional representative annual meeting in Chicago and was able to learn from a code maker.There is so much confusion about what National codes are enforced for ADA building and I know know exactly what is and is NOT true.

In the coming days I will try to post highlights from the 3 plus hour presentation from Mr.Julius Ballanco, P.E., CPD, FASPE. He sits on the National board which creates the ICC codes and UBC codes. To put it mildly he wrote the book.

Locally, I will be happy to give a great and complete presentation. Just call my office (831)429-9506 and we can schedule.

Feb is booked so if you want to schedule there are two weeks open in March 2012. Call soon .

Made in the USA or Green?

Well a spirited discussion in a plumbing group with weather it is more important to buyers that a product be "Made in the USA" or a "Green" product. Clearly it seems that nationwide it that it is "Made in the USA". Interesting in that both Colonial Bronze and Water Decor are made in the USA and they are the most "Green" product I can find. Both enable builders to achieve LEED points.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA is more than a buzz phrase it is imperative that we as a nation get to the business of buying and employing Americans. This starts today and with everything you buy. We have made a 10 year effort to represent products which are made in the USA. We have been somewhat successful.

Americh is made in California 100% Colonial Bronze is 100% made in the USA and they are Green (LEEDS) certified. Water Decor faucets are made in the USA (German Cartridges only) ACO Channel Drains are made in the USA 50% (Channel made in USA,Grates made in Germany)

We will continue to proudly represent quality produces from the best sources but we ask you to help us represent more "Made in the USA" products. If you see a product which is made here in the USA I want represent them. Please Help us work these products and let us all recover our economy.

 Background image by Thomas Ramos