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Bates and Bates

Bates &Bates are American made sinks which are stocked and shipped from Southern California. We have the ability to custom make cermanic sinks and fire them in a wide variety of colors and finishes. while we primarily make bathroom sinks we also have a full line of copper Kitchen sinks, bar sinks, and food preparation sinks.

We offer a line of Z-METAL sinks which are solid metal with minor cast materials. These are perfect for outside kitchens or where you want a durable metal kitchen sink. We offer a variety of styles and sizes which are needed for todays kitchen.


We also have a line of solid metal sinks for bathroom. These can be plated and are quiet beautiful.

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It all started when...

Father and son wanted to offer custom colored designer sinks "made in the usa". This started a company that continues today with the alno family of products. 

Alno bought bates & Bates from michael bates when he was finished with his plumbing career and have faithfully continue the proud tradition of hand crafting products in california. 

Expanding the z metal format allows durable metal cast sinks strong enough for outside kitchens or an active gormet. 

We have our metal sinks made in north america and plate and finish many here in california.

Chinese produced or american made allows you to use bates & bates or all the rest.


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