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i bath is an incredible blue tooth connected way to enjoy music or your favorite audio book when you relax in your favorite Americh Bath.

i bath is an incredible blue tooth connected way to enjoy music or your favorite audio book when you relax in your favorite Americh Bath.

Americh is one of the most established and flexible whirlpool bath companies in the USA. They have been family owned for over twenty-six years and always do everything possible to satisfy their users.

With hundreds of different bath sizes and models, they offer over thirty non-slip acrylic shower base styles to match the size you need for you project. Americh gives the best value with excellent quality and affordable pricing. Visit for more information.


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ROC Collection

This is a solid cast mineral product with in credible styles. We offer the as bathing only and both gloss and matt finishes. Any color you may want as long as it is white. ROC is 100% Made in the USA.

Installation Guide

Americh Whirlpools MUST be completely inspected and tested after trucking, prior to installation. Products are tested 100% after manufacturing, however we cannot control how they are handled during shipment, unloading and handling once delivered. To test your whirlpool prior to final installation we recommend completing the following steps.

  1. Put a stopper in the drain
  2. Fill whirlpool at least 2 inches above the highest jet
  3. Make sure the control/motor plug is connected to a heavy gauge extension cord
  4. Run through all operations

Note: If anything does not work, hold off on installation. If you install knowing there is a problem you assume all responsibility for any repairs. Call Americh or your supply source immediately.

For Americh call 1-800-453-1463.

As far as installation, Americh Whirlpools are one of the easiest to install. When installing, make sure the floor beneath the whirlpool bath is level. If not, look up leveling support in the instruction manual. To prevent movement, attach the base of the whirlpool with a fine (slurry mix) of portland style cement. Do NOT use concrete with any rocks or fillers.

Make sure the Americh drain is working properly and has a clear and direct connection for complete draining. Lastly, plug into a GFIC circuit and enjoy your whirlpool for years to come.

Access panels are required for the motor/pump assembly by the Universal Building Code (UBC). This allows key areas to be serviced. All moving parts will need to be serviced eventually, so it is reasonable to consider installing the access panels during the initial whirlpool installation.

Warranty Procedures

Americh offers a 20 year limited warranty. To report a claim, call your supply source and have them contact the factory. If you do not receive a timely response, you can go to to find a representative in your area. Have your receipt ready. The agent will arrange an inspection, repair or replacement depending on the factory's directions.

Americh provides one of the best warranties in the whirlpool industry. Warranty procedures are dictated by state laws and therefore vary slightly from state to state. Americh custom manufactures every bath and takes great pride in doing the job right. If there is a warranty issue, local law usually directs repair of the part. Replacement is only allowed when conditions do not allow repair.



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