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Amba Towel Warmers

Amba Towel Warmers

Amba Towel Warmers offers affordable, quality stainless steel towel warmers, designed with today's home and life style in mind. Their wide range of styles appear in bathrooms, pool houses, yachts, spas, saunas, and mudrooms.

Product Highlights

  • Keeps towels warm and dry
  • Helps bathrooms stay warm, mold & mildew free
  • Can be controlled by a timer or a light switch
  • Installs easily
  • Energy Efficient
  • Stylish and Versatile
  • Superior quality - made from stainless steel
  • Includes built-in thermostat and internal thermal cutout


Every heated towel warmer comes with an installation kit and easy to follow instructions. It is, however, highly recommended that a qualified electrician do the installation to ensure compliance with national and local electrical codes.

NOTE: Always mount the unit with the element at the bottom (wiring) as thermal fluid convection is used to heat the rail.

Warranty Procedures

Amba Towel Warmers come with a five year limited warranty. For more information call 1-404-350-9738 or visit


Amba Towel Warmers
Amba Towel Warmers

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